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Applications for Machine Translation

Translution provide four types of translation:

Publishing quality translation and next generation translation can also be mixed to provide a complete translation solution for many new applications

Below is a table which shows where the various different qualities of translation should be used.

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Publishing quality translation, as supplied by translation agencies, should be used for marketing and legal purposes and specialist translation such as software localization. Publishing quality translation is also used to provide some of the translations used in delivering next generation translation for applications such as multi-lingual websites

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Next generation translation, as provided with Translution Business, Translution Web and Translution API, has many applications such as automatic email translation (including standard multi-lingual responses to customer enquiries), translation of your website and the translation of manuals and documents. Next generation translation can also be useful for customer support and multi-lingual workflow.

And next generation translation can be further improved – to the quality of human translation - by using Translution Review Manager

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Enhanced machine translation, as provided by Translution Pro, can be used for personal communications, such as travel reservations, managing your property abroad or simply communicating with pen pals. It can also be used for research such as reviewing foreign websites and translating foreign documents

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"Gist" machine translation, as provided by Translution’s free online translation service, should only used for casual translation purposes such as small amounts of non technical text translation or website pages. It is unlikely to be much use for serious multi-lingual communication.

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Application  Publishing Quality Translation  Next Generation Translation  Enhanced Machine Translation  Gist Machine Translation 
Marketing Material
  • Brochures
  • External newsletters
  • Bulk Email marketing
  • Packaging
  • Internal newsletters
Your Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Other Pages
  • Database Content
  • Blogs, bulleting boards
  • Social Networking
  • Patents
  • Legal Documents (final)
  • Legal Documents (draft)
  • Health & Safety
  • Customer training material
  • Internal training
  • Support Materials
  • Manuals
  • Internal Documents
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Business email
  • Email templates
  • Internal communication
  • Multi-lingual customer support
  • Personal email
  • Travel reservations
  • Buying from abroad
  • Internal workflows
  • Multi-lingual Collaboration
  • Foreign website research
  • Translating occasional web pages
  • translating non technical text

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