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Translution Business: Next Generation Translation Software for Businesses

  • Multi user translation software for business
  • Next generation machine translation quality
  • Integrated completely into Microsoft Office
  • Reduce translation costs dramatically using Translution Review Manager (beta)
  • Communicate accurately by email with anyone anytime regardless of language.
  • Translate everything automatically - manuals, technical material, knowledge bases, legal documents etc.
  • Share corporate dictionaries and terminology across your whole organization
  • Control and recycle your human translations
  • Two Editions; Standard for SME's, Corporate for Enterprises
  • Global and European language packs
  • Scalable, secure and enterprise ready

The World's most complete translation solution

Translution Business is revolutionizing international trade. It enables organizations to translate much more, reduce translation costs and communicate accurately with anyone, anytime, regardless of their language.

This is award winning software which delivers next generation translation quality fully integrated into Microsoft Office.

Who Benefits?

Translution has been designed for businesses - large and small - who want to expand internationally without language barriers.

It delivers increases in employee productivity, reductions in translation costs and faster international growth.

Next Generation Translation

Quality of translation has always been the main issue with machine translation. However Translution Business combines the best of machine translation with shared dictionaries and recycled human translation (derived from your own data) to customize the translation to your business's specific requirements.

This delivers an accurate and understandable quality of translation which can be either used for day to day communications such as email and attachments.

We call this next generation translation.

Dramatically Reduce Translation Costs

Next generation translation is not perfect. However it is much closer to human translation than gist Translation. It can then therefore be rapidly post edited to the standard of human translation

Using Translution Review Manager (in beta) any bi-lingual person can check and update the translations online much faster than translating from scratch. This will dramatically reduce your translation costs.

And because Translution Review Manager is online it can be used by anyone with bi-lingual skills people in your organization, partners or freelance translators.

Automated email translation

Translution is the only company in the world who offer a translation solution fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

You simply write your email as per normal, attach any documents, and press "Send". Translution's technology automatically translates the email (and attachments if required) into the language of the recipient(s). It also translates received emails when they arrive in other languages.

It works by checking the languages of contacts from your personal and global address books prior to sending an email and through automatically detecting the language of received emails. If translation is required the email is automatically routed to our servers for translation and then on to the recipients.

Collaboration without language barriers

With Translution, you will be able to accurately read the email history regardless of the language of the author and no matter how may times it is forwarded or replied to across language barriers. Meaningful deep day to day collaboration between people using different languages is for the first time a reality for multi-national enterprises.

Translution is the only translation software product that ensures translation accuracy by always translating from the original language rather than from the translation*.

*Patented technology

Single click translation of documents, pdf's and web pages too!

Translution translates Microsoft Word documents, pdf documents, and web pages with a single click. It can even translate a whole folder of documents simultaneously delivering a much higher quality of "first pass" translation of documents such as technical manuals and newsletters.

Share Dictionaries

Translution enables all your employees and partners to share dictionaries and other linguistic resources, delivering consistent next generation translation quality across your entire organisation.

Versions for Large and Small Business

Translution Business comes in two versions Standard and Corporate and scales securely from a few users to as many as you want. It also comes with two language packs European and Global.