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FAQs - Translution Pro and Translution Business

How do Translution Pro and Translution Business work?

Translution Pro and Translution Business work by automatically re-directing email, attachments, web pages and electronic documents to Translution Central - our state-of-the-art fully resilient internet-hosted translation facility - where they are translated and either sent to the recipient (for emails) or sent back to the user.

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What is unique about Translution Pro and Translution Business?

Translution Pro and Translution Business is the only translation software which is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the world's best selling email system. Communicating by email with people who do not speak your language is now a reality.

Translution products can also deliver a much higher machine translation quality, through use of dictionaries.

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Has Translution been evaluated independently and has it won any awards for its products?

Translution has been extensively reviewed in the UK by leading computing magazines.

PC Advisor:

Computer Shopper:

Translution has also been reviewed internationally by many software distribution sites, and web based software magazines.

A comprehensive list of awards can be viewed here.

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How many users do you have?

We have over 25,000 registered users.

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Are there competitive products available?

Translution Pro and Translution Business compete very effectively with three types of translation products:

  • Free web based translations services
  • Desktop PC translation products
  • Server based translation products

Free Web Based Translation Services: There are several websites which will allow you to translate text free of charge (usually imposing a maximum number of characters). These include Translution.

Click here to use Translution's free translation service

These services also do not enable you to improve the quality of translation such as using personalized dictionaries to correctly translate technical and company/ industry terms. At best they simply produce a "gist" and are not suitable for serious day to day communication without language barriers or accurate translation.

Desktop PC Translation Products: There are many desktop language translation programs available either from computer retailers or from internet software marketing companies which compete with Translution Pro. Whilst many of these include tools to improve translation quality, these programs do not handle the automatic translation of emails. Translution Pro is also better value than these products.

Server based translation products: These are usually much more expensive than Translution Business and complicated to implement. They also do not handle the automatic translation of emails.

For a more detailed analysis of the differences between Translution and other translation products , please click here.

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What programs come with Translution and Translution Business?

Translution Pro and Translution Business Standard provide add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Word and Internet Explorer. They also include two standalone applications, Translution Control Centre (TCC) and Translution Dictionary Manager (TDM).

Translution Business - Corporate Edition adds a server based application - Translution Corporate Manager (TCM), which provides the enterprise class software required for installations supporting many users. This would normally be installed and configured by your IT systems administrator.

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Can you explain the differences between Translution Pro and Translution Business?

Translution Pro has been designed for internationally minded individuals with regular translation needs who wish to communicate accurately and instantly by email regardless of language, translate documents and PDF's and access the global web.

It includes many tools for improving translation quality and is supplied with 20 specialized dictionaries. However users are responsible for updating their dictionaries themselves and there is no ability to share dictionaries across multiple users.

Translution Pro comes in two language versions - European and Global.

Translution Business has been designed for international businesses (small and large) who want to enable people in their organisation to communicate, regardless of their language skills. It delivers next generation translation to your organisation.

The main differences between Translution Business and Translution Pro are:

  • Translution Business supports multiple users. Users can share dictionaries to ensure translation consistency across the whole organisation.
  • Translution Business also supports translation memory, improving translation quality even further
  • When you purchase Translution Business, Translution create a dictionary (derived from your data) which is specific to your organisation. Building dictionaries is required to deliver next generation translation across your organisation.

Translution Business comes in 4 versions:

  • Translution Business Standard: European
  • Translution Business Standard: Global
  • Translution Business Corporate: European
  • Translution Business Corporate: Global

The Standard versions are suitable for up to about 50 users. The Corporate versions scale up to 1000's of users.

For a product comparison please click here.

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We have used free web based translation sites before and the results are not very good. How do Translution improve accuracy?

We agree that quality of translation provided by free web-based translation services leaves a lot to be desired. This is because they lack any of the tools built into Translution to improve translation quality. Good Machine Translation can produce results which are understandable and accurate and which are certainly good enough for internal documentation and emails. What they will not do is provide a completely fluent translation every time.

Please click here for further information on the applications of Translution

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Are Translution Pro and Translution Business secure?

Yes. Translution do not store any of your documents or emails. We simply translate them and send the result.

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Do Translution personnel have access to any of my documents or emails?

Translution personnel do not have access to any documents or emails that are sent for Translation. All translation requests are handled automatically by Translution's servers which are located in a secure state of the art data hosting facility. Customer documents and emails are never stored on our servers, they simply "pass through" the translation engine.

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What languages do you support?

For a complete list of languages supported please click here

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Can Translution be used by people who don't speak English?

Not currently.

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What versions of Microsoft Office do your products work with?

Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007

There are some limitations on the support of Outlook XP for our Global editions, because certain languages use a non-Latin alphabet. These languages are Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Greek, Japanese, Korean and Russian. If you require these languages you will need to upgrade to office 2003 and above.

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What versions of Windows Operating Systems (desktop and server) do you support?

Windows XP (Home and Pro version), Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit).

Translution Business - Corporate versions also require Windows Server 2003.

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Why don't your products work with Microsoft Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook Express is the free email program shipped by Microsoft with every version of Microsoft's operating systems and should not be confused with Microsoft Outlook which is shipped with Microsoft Office and hence is paid for. Because Outlook Express is free, Microsoft do not provide an environment which enables Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s like Translution) to provide add-ins for it. Therefore we cannot develop an add-in to Microsoft Outlook Express.

However Outlook Express users (and other non Microsoft Outlook users) can still take advantage of document and web page translation using the Translution Word and Internet Explorer add-ins and the email translation capability built into Translution Control Centre.

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What is the minimum configurations required to run Translution?

Translution requires no special system to run.
Normally if you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) Translution will install successfully.

For the record the required minimum hardware configuration for Translution Pro and Translution Business is:

  • Processor: Pentium III 350 MHz minimum required (single or dual processor system); Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended.
  • Memory: 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (256 MB minimum supported)
  • Disk Space: 25 Megabytes (MB) of available hard disk space

To take full advantage of the Translution product please check that the following software is installed on your system.

  • MS Outlook XP or later version
  • MS Word XP or later version
  • MS Internet Explorer 5.5 ,6.0, 7.0 or 8.0.
  • .NET framework version 2.0 (.NET framework can be downloaded free from Translution's website)

For Translution Business - Corporate versions you will also need to install Translution Corporate Manager on a server.
The minimum configuration for up to 1500 users is as follows:

  • 2Ghz or faster processor required
  • 1Gb of RAM
  • 5Mb of available hard disk space

The minimum configuration for over 1500 users is as follows:

  • Quad processor
  • 4Gb of RAM
  • 5mb of available hard disk space

Before installing Translution Corporate, ensure that following software is installed:

  • Windows Server 2003

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Has Translution been tested?

Translution software has been rigorously tested. We undertake a thorough test programme before releasing any version of our software.

We have released a number of versions and the products are now very stable. You can evaluate the products completely without obligation by choosing our free 7 day trial.

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Do I need any linguistic skills to use Translution?

No, Translution can be used by non linguists and linguists alike. To see how simple it is to use Translution please click here

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