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Translation Agency Services

Translution have recruited a worldwide team of approved translation agencies and specialist freelancers who can meet any translation need and who are specialists in their own right.

  • We use the best professional translator or agency dependent on the type of translation that is required.
  • We provide our translators with your dictionaries and translation memories ensuring they deliver consistent quality translations.

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Why using Translution makes sense

"Best of breed" companies provide translators with specialist terminology dictionaries and a database of previous human translations known as translation memory (Source: Aberdeen). The benefits of managing your linguistic assets are:

  • Reduced cost of translation as the translations are re-used
  • Consistent higher quality
  • Faster delivery

These are the same linguistic resources used by Translution software to deliver next generation machine translation quality.

All Translution's approved agencies and translators use and update your multi-lingual terminology dictionaries and translation memory every time they complete a project, ensuring that you control these important assets.

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Reduced Cost of Translation

Using Translation Memory can dramatically reduce the costs of human translation as our translators discount the price for repetitions, 100% and fuzzy matches as follows:

Match criteria Rate for Translation
Repetitions no charge
100% matches 20% of the rate per thousand words
95% - 99% match 40% of the rate per thousand words
75% - 94% match 60% of the rate per thousand words
0% - 74% match 100% of the rate per thousand words

Recycling translation memory can deliver a 30% - 50% reduction in translation costs over time.

We deliver back to you a formatted translation, and (if requested) any updates to your dictionary together with the updated translation memory.

Your revised dictionary and translation memory are then uploaded to Translution Central for use by Translution Business, Translution Web and Translution API.

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Specialist Translation

Our approved specialists work in the following areas:

Website Translation: For your website to be effective for overseas markets you need it professionally translated. You also to ensure the website is picked up by foreign search engines. Translution translates not only your web pages but also meta tags and other information vital for overseas search engine optimization.

Technical Translation: Whatever specialist area you need translating, technical translation must be perfect. We use translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding, who utilize your multi-lingual terminology dictionaries.

Marketing Translation: Marketing Translation never comes out right if you literally translate it. We use specialist translators and reviewers to ensure we get it right for you.We usually quote for the translations to be quality checked by other translators when marketing translation is commissioned.

Financial Translation: Financial translation has to be accurate, completely confidential and is usually required on strict deadlines. Our specialists understand this.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation: You need absolute accuracy for Medical Translation as after all, it can be a matter or life or death. We only use specialists in their fields and we usually recommend that the translations are double checked by other specialists

Legal Translation: We only use translators who have relevant legal experience in your field, whether it is contract law, employment law or any other required area

Transcription and Translation: With so many different forms of media and communications available today it's not surprising that we get asked to transcribe, translate, sub-edit and provide translation voice-overs for audio and video files.

Interpreting: Sometimes you just need an interpreter. Whatever you do, our professional interpreters can help you.

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Who owns the dictionaries and translation memory?

You do. After all you have paid for them in the first place.

We always transfer any intellectual property rights in any translation memory produced as part of the translation process. You also own the intellectual property rights in any dictionaries we have created for you. We store and manage your dictionaries and translation memories on Translution Central, but you own the rights to these and can download them on request.

This is in contrast to many translation agencies and freelance translators who don't supply you with translation memory and dictionaries when the translation job is delivered. As a result they see the benefit from any reduction in translation costs through re-cycling translations - not you

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Are Translution competitive?

All human translation work is provided on a competitive fixed price and delivery basis. For this reason we can only quote on sight of the source document and after analyzing it for translation memory matches.

Because we take care of most of the project management for agencies and translators, the savings they make are passed back to Translution, enabling us to remain competitive with translation agencies on price whilst delivering our enhanced service.

We can translate most document types (Word, pdf, powerpoint, Framemaker etc) and to/from approximately 140 languages. Where DTP preparation work is required prior to sending jobs for human translation this also can be provided.

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