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Installation and Support

Translution Pro has been designed to be installed and activated by non technical people and you will require no special skills. If you run into any problems then either login to place a support call (preferred) or click here to email us.

Translution Business Standard is also easy to install. We will contact you when you place your order and provide you with clear instructions on what to do to configure and setup your users. Premium telephone support is included as standard with Translution Business.

Translution Business Corporate requires the installation of Translution Corporate Manager on your servers. This is normally undertaken by a trained systems administrator familiar with your internal network and Microsoft Active Directory technologies. Translution assist this process through a web conference when we also train your systems administrator.

Translution Web 2.0 (for static websites) is implemented by Translution and delivered to you as a turnkey implementation. All we need is FTP access to your current website to download and upload web pages. Following implementation, we will train your web master in how to configure and change page and other settings, and in how to process changes to source language pages.

Translution Web Dynamic (for dynamic websites) normally requires customization of some of your server side code, although this is minimal in comparison to what you would have had to develop had you not implemented Translution Web Dynamic. We expect your web developers to undertake this customization. The majority of the implementation is handled by Translution.

Translution API would normally be implemented by your development team with support from Translution.

Whichever product you choose, we guarantee a successful installation.


In case you get any issues our support department is on hand to provide you with free help either by email or over the phone

Included in the annual license cost is free on-going support and all updates.