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Next Generation Translation for Business

What is Next Generation Translation

Next generation translation is greatly improved automated translation which is created by Translution for businesses., through its dictionary creation processes

Up until now there have only been two types of translation - "gist" machine translation and human translation.

Human translation is high quality, especially where the translator is provided with a dictionary of company specific terminology. However it is also expensive and slow.

In contrast, "gist" machine translation is immediate and inexpensive. However the quality is also poor.

Next generation translation fills the gap and is much closer to human translation accuracy,

To see examples of the differences between "gist" machine translation and next generation translation, click here

How good is next generation machine translation?

Next generation translation is usually accurate as it uses dictionaries derived from your own data. Not only that but it can be improved further by use of Translution Review Manager (in beta)

What you will not get will be the poor translation quality provided by free online translation services (this includes our own free Translution Online).

Delivering ongoing improvements

Delivering next generation translation is much more than simply building a one-off dictionary. Rather it is about providing technology which continually improves translation quality across your business

We deliver next generation translation in a 3 phase process

Phase 1 - Dictionary Creation

Phase 1 provides the "foundations" from which next generation translation is built.

  • Build a terminology dictionary
  • Collect and create a dictionary of text you do not want translated (DNT)
  • Train authors to write for translation

Phase 2 - Translation Memory

During phase 2 Translution builds a "translation memory" from any existing human translations (if you have any). If you don't have any human translations, don't worry - these can be created during Phase3

Translution do this because Translution's technology always uses your translation memory first in preference to machine translation. This ensures that the highest quality (i.e. human) translation is always used if a 100% match in the source text is found in the translation memory.

Phase 3 - Review and Improve

Translution Review Manager (currently in beta) provides technology which allows users to review and post edit translations - both human and machine translation - saving any changes as translation memory for re-use by the system.

In tests, Translution Review Manager is delivering between 200% and 500% improvement in translator productivity against translating from scratch.

Using Translution Review manager enables you to:

  • Check your translations for accuracy before they are published
  • Update any translations that require correction
  • Save any improvements for use later

All in all, Translution Review Manager enables you to continually improve next generation translation quality.