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Translution's technology works by automatically re-directing emails, web pages and electronic documents to Translution Central - our state-of-the-art fully resilient internet-hosted translation facility.

Translution provides a completely automatic translation service, without the need to change how you currently work.

For instance, you simply write your email in your own language in the normal way, press the "Send" button, and the recipients will receive the email automatically translated into their own language.

We also include options and dictionaries designed for the non-linguist for improving translation. Use of these options can deliver significant improvements in translation quality.

With Translution you can communicate and collaborate instantly by email without language barriers (this hasn't been possible before), and if you purchase Translution Pro you can translate Word attachments, Word documents and web pages as well, knowing that the translation is the best possible using machine translation technologies.

We support the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and more are planned. Find out more about the language pairs we currently support

There are three Translution products:

Translution Light

Translution Light is FREE FOREVER! It enables translation of emails sent from Microsoft Outlook(but not attachments). It is perfectly suited for the occasional automatic translation of emails for individuals, such as booking overseas hotels or writing to pen friends.

  • Automatic translation of sent emails
  • Free of charge forever
  • Restrictions on usage apply
  • Single user license
  • Works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Office 2000, Office XP and Office 2003
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Translution Pro

Translution Pro enables translation of both sent and received email as well as translating attachments, web pages and Word documents. It's ideal for individuals with regular translation needs and for businesses of all sizes that wish to communicate instantly without language barriers with overseas branches, suppliers, distributors and partners.

  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer
  • Translates into multiple languages simultaneously
  • Supports automatic translation of attachments
  • Translates multiple documents and web pages simultaneously
  • Single and multiple user licenses available
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Translution Corporate

Translution Corporate (available late 2005) is for larger organisations. It enables professional quality translation of both sent and received email, websites and documents for the global enterprise. It's perfectly suited to large international businesses with high volume translation requirements.

  • Further improvements in translation quality by providing web enabled departmental/functional and corporate dictionaries which improve translation for the whole organisation.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Exchange Server and global address books
  • Fully compatible with existing messaging and computing infrastructure
  • Network installation, central administration.
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