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Translution Corporate

Professional translation capability for email, documents and web pages...

Translution Corporate (beta version available now) provides an automatic, single-click, professional translation capability for email, documents and web pages.

Translution Corporate is designed to be fully integrated into the computing infrastructure of your enterprise.

It is ideal for businesses of all sizes that use Microsoft Exchange as their messaging system, and that wish to communicate instantly without language barriers with overseas branches, suppliers, distributors and partners.

For the first time employees can write email in your own language in the normal way, press the "Send" button, and the recipients will receive the email automatically translated into their own language.

And because Translution's unique patented messaging architecture allows us to encrypt and hide the original text in all translated emails, you can not only view/print the translated text but, by simply choosing the Filter button, can also view/print the original text (requires Translution Add-in to be installed).

This same messaging architecture also ensures that your message will only ever be translated from the original, even when you reply or forward emails. This works even when the email has a long thread of previous emails in different languages. It ensures that the highest quality of translation is provided.

Features include:

  • Plug-ins for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer, as well as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Plug-In for Microsoft Exchange.
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Integrated with Exchange Global Address Books to enable the whole organisation to collaborate multi-lingually.
  • Network installation of Translution software and updates to the desktop.
  • Support for multiple Departmental/functional and Corporate dictionaries.
  • Departmental and Corporate dictionaries are web-enabled to enable access to dictionaries by authorised personnel from any internet browser
  • Web-enabled Do Not Translate Lists (Departmental, Corporate)
  • Supports Multi-lingual Legal Disclaimers at bottom of emails
  • Supports secure email ensuring confidentiality and encryption of emails redirected to Translution Central for translation.
  • No limits on the size of email, document or website to be translated (system administration can set a limit).
  • Supports HTML, RTF and plain text emails
  • Optional automatic translation of received email using automatic language detection.
  • Sent emails can be translated into multiple languages for multiple recipients automatically.
  • Attachments (in supported formats) can be automatically translated.
  • Single click secure (using Https) translation of Microsoft Word documents and web pages.
  • Surf the web and translate web sites in foreign languages at the click of a button.
  • Supports automatic language detection of web pages.
  • Translates multiple Microsoft Word documents and web pages simultaneously and securely (using Https). You can even select a folder and it will automatically translate all Word documents and web pages
  • Create and manage your own large translation dictionaries to improve translation accuracy
  • Avoids re-translation of forwarded emails and replies.
  • Original message is embedded at the end of the translated email, so recipients can refer to the original should they need to.
  • Documents and web pages sent for translation are automatically encrypted to ensure absolute confidentiality

Translution Corporate also supports other options to improve translation quality such as:

  • User dictionaries for specialist terminology
  • Allows you to mark text as Do Not Translate
  • Do Not Translate List
  • Specialised Dictionaries
  • Customisable dictionary profiles
  • Tips on how to write text to improve the translation quality

Translution Corporate also has the following great features:

  • Pre-set the language of individual contacts in Outlook Contacts for completely automatic translation. You can even set the language of contacts in a Distribution list.
  • Translate a message and review it before sending it onto recipients.
  • Translate (optionally) the subject of the email
  • Decide on the formality of the translation
  • Add words and terms already collected in your Word spelling Dictionary automatically into your Translution dictionary and Do Not Translate Lists.
  • Translution dictionaries are easy to use and can be created by non-linguists as well as linguist.
  • Translution dictionaries are backed up automatically to Translution Central, so even when you change computers or your system breaks down you will always have access to them.