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Translution Pro: Translation Software for Individuals

  • The world's only automated email translation software for individuals
  • Email, attachment, document, PDF and web page translation.
  • Compatible with all Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) PC's.
  • Plugins for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word.
  • Easy to use and install
  • 8 languages (european version) or 14 languages (global version).
  • European Version

  • Global Version


Who is it for?

Translution Pro has been designed for individuals with regular translation needs who wish to communicate accurately and instantly by email regardless of language, translate documents and pdf's and access the global web.

Automated email translation software

Translution Pro is the World's only machine translation product fully integrated into email. Using Translution's patented software, you simply write your email in your own language, attach any documents, and press "Send". Translution's technology automatically translates the email (and attachments if required) into the language of the recipient(s). It also translates received emails. And because it works with Microsoft Outlook, you don't need to change the way that you work.

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Enhanced translation quality

Quality of translation has always been the main issue with machine translation. However, Translution Pro combines the best of machine translation with personalized dictionaries and many other tools that enable you to quickly and easily customize the translation to your specific needs. We call this enhanced machine translation.

For further information on how you can enhance machine translation quality

Translation of documents, pdf's and web pages too!

Using the same dictionaries that enhance the translation quality of emails can also deliver a much higher quality of "first pass" translation of documents such as technical manuals.

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European and Global Language Versions

Translution Pro comes in two versions - European and Global. The European version supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish translation.The global version includes these languages and adds Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Russian translation.

Reduced translation costs.

Using Translution Pro, you can save translation costs by using machine translation where previously expensive human translation was the only option. And, because it's instant, it's much quicker too!

20 Specialist Dictionaries included

To get you started we include 20 specialized dictionaries covering the following areas: Automotive, Aviation/Space, Chemistry, Colloquial, Computers/Data Processing, Earth Sciences, Economics/Business, Electronics, Food Sciences, Legal, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Metallurgy, Military Science, Naval/Maritime, Photography/Optics, Physics/Atomic Energy, Political Science.

Easy to set up and used in conjunction with your own dictionaries, these specialist dictionaries can improve the accuracy of translation.

Easy to Use and install - free updates as well

With tens of thousands users worldwide you can be sure that Translution Pro is easy to use and install. And in case you get any issues our support department is on hand to provide you with free help either by email or over the phone.

Included in the annual license cost is free on-going support and all updates.

Free Trial and 14 day money back guarantee

Just in case you are still not sure click below to register for a free 7 day trial.

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If you subsequently purchase Translution Pro and are dissatisfied for any reason we provide you with a no quibble guarantee for 14 days.