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Why purchase Translution Pro ?

Translution Pro competes with free web based translation tools as well as conventional desktop translation products. Compare its features in the table below.

However when you've used Translution Pro, we think you'll find that the free web-based translation sites are worth what you pay for them!

And if you compare the features and prices of Translution Pro with any competitive desktop product, we are sure you will agree that purchasing Translution Pro is a smart move.

Finally, if you pay for Translution Pro and you don't think it's the right product for you, cancel your subscription within 14 days and we'll refund your money

Feature Free Online Translation Desktop Translution Pro
Microsoft Outlook plug-in No Some do
One-click automatic email translation No No
Automatically translates emails into multiple languages No No
Automatically translates email attachments No No
"Do Not Translate" (DNT) markers to improve quality No Some do
DNT dictionary No Some do
User dictionaries to improve translation quality No Some do
Translates Word documents No Some do
Translates web sites No Some do
Industry-specific dictionaries to improve translation quality No Some do
Batch translation of multiple documents No No
Maximum number of words translated at one time Typically 150 Unlimited Unlimited