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Translution Business General

What versions of Translution Business are available?

There are two versions of Translution Business – one for single users, the other an unlimited user version. You can purchase as many single user versions as you wish – they will all share the same dictionaries and translation memory. However after 5 users it becomes more cost effective to purchase the unlimited user version.

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Are there any differences between the single and unlimited user versions of Translution Business?

Not really

The single user versions of Translution Business has been designed for small companies and internationally minded individuals who wish to communicate accurately and instantly by email regardless of language, translate documents and PDF's and access the global web.

It includes many tools for improving translation quality and is supplied with 20 specialized dictionaries.

The unlimited user version of Translution Business has been designed for international businesses (small and large) who want to enable people in their organization to communicate, regardless of their language skills.

Multiple licenses of Translution Business (Single User Edition) can be purchased – all sharing the same corporate dictionaries and translation memory. However if you have more than 5 users it's better to purchase the Unlimited user edition.

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How much does Translution Business cost?

In US Dollars: please click here

In GB Pounds: please click here

Included in the single user license cost is 50,000 words of machine translation per month per user. The Unlimited user version includes 100,000 words per month. If your usage as an organization exceeds this you will be charged an additional low charge per machine translated word.

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Do you provide evaluation versions of Translution Business?

Translution Business is available as a free of charge 30 day evaluation version on request.

Evaluation versions include up to 5,000 words of machine translation.

Click here to request an evaluation license.

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How does Translution Business work?

Translution Business works by automatically re-directing email, attachments, web pages and electronic documents to Translution Central - our state-of-the-art translation facility - where they are translated and either sent to the recipient (for emails) or sent back to the user.

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What is unique about Translution Business?

Translution Business is the only translation software product which is fully integrated and works automatically with Microsoft Outlook, the world's best selling corporate email system. Communicating by email with people who do not speak your language is now a reality.

You simply write your email in your own language, attach any documents, and press “Send”. Translution's technology automatically translates the email (and attachments if required) into the language of the recipient(s). It also translates received emails. And because it is integrated so seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, you don't need to change the way that you work.

Translution Business can also deliver a much higher machine translation quality, through the use of dictionaries.

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Has Translution been evaluated independently and has it won any awards?

Translution Business has been extensively reviewed in the UK by leading computing magazines.

PC Advisor:

Computer Shopper:

Translution Business has also been reviewed internationally by many software distribution sites, and web based software magazines.

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How many users do you have?

We have over 25,000 registered users.

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Are there competitive products available?

Translution Business competes very effectively with three types of translation products:

  • Free web based translations services
  • Desktop PC translation products
  • Server based translation products

Free Web Based Translation Services: There are several websites which will allow you to translate text free of charge (usually imposing a limitation to the number of characters which can be translated in one go).

These services usually do not provide any means to improve the quality of translation. At best they simply produce a “gist” machine translation.

They also do not translate documents. Translution Business enables you to translate documents and maintain the formatting of the source document.

Desktop PC Translation Products: There are a number of desktop language translation programs available either from computer retailers.

Whilst many of these include tools to improve translation quality, these programs do not handle the automatic translation of emails.

Server based translation products: These are much more expensive and much more complicated to implement than Translution Business. This is because they are sold as client/server products.

Setting up Translution Business is very simple - you simply install the client programs on users computers and activate - a process that takes typically 2 minutes.

Server based translation products are also not deeply integrated with Microsoft Outlook, and do not handle the translation of emails at all well.

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Do I need any linguistic skills to use Translution Business?

No, Translution Business can be used by non linguists and linguists alike. To see how simple it is to use Translution Business, please click here

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We have used free web based translation sites before and the results are not very good. How does Translution Business improve accuracy?

We agree that quality of machine translation provided by free web-based translation services leaves a lot to be desired. This is because they lack any of the tools built into Translution Business which improve machine translation quality. Further information on how you can improve machine translation quality using Translution Business can be found by clicking here.

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Do Translution personnel have access to any of my documents or emails?

Translution personnel do not have access to any documents or emails that are sent for Translation. All machine translation requests are handled automatically by Translution's servers which are located in a secure state of the art data hosting facility. Customer documents and emails are never stored on our servers, they simply "pass through" the translation engine.

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What support do you provide for your translation software?

We offer telephone support and it's free. Telephone support is in the English language and is offered during normal (UK) business hours (9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays)

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Do you charge separately for support?


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Do you charge for upgrades to your software?

No. Upgrades are currently provided free of charge.

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