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  • Comprehensive translation software for business.
  • Enhanced machine translation quality.
  • Fully Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word.
  • Translate emails, attachments, documents, text, and web pages.
  • Works with or without Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word.
  • Scalable, secure and enterprise ready.
  • 14 Languages.
  • Single user or unlimted user translation software editions.
  • $12.50 / £8.00 per user per month.
  • Unlimited user edition: $75 per month.
  • Free 30 Day Trial.

Who is it for?

Translution Business is translation software designed for any organization who wishes to translate emails, attachments, documents, pdf's and web pages.

What does it do?

It machine translates emails, attachments, documents (PDF and Word) and web pages with a few clicks, maintaining the format of the original content. With a corporate dictionary, it provides a much higher quality of machine translation — we call this enhanced machine translation.

Main Benefits

Translution Business provides enterprise ready machine translation software enabling organizations to translate much more, reduce translation costs and communicate accurately with anyone, anytime, regardless of their language.

This is award winning patented software which can deliver enhanced machine translation quality across your whole organization as well as provide perfectly translated machine translation for template documents, sentences and phrases.

Enhanced machine translation across your entire organization

Quality of translation has always been the main issue with machine translation. However Translution Business combines the best of machine translation with shared terminology dictionaries and human translated sentences and phrases to customize the translation to your business's specific requirements.

This delivers an accurate and understandable quality of translation which can be either used for day to day communications such as email or further reviewed and edited by translators using Translution Localization Manager.

Translution Business delivers high quality consistent and instant translation of emails, attachments, documents, pdf's and web pages across your entire organization.


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Create near perfect translations

Machine translation — even with a terminology dictionary — is still not perfect. However it is much closer to human translation than "gist" machine translation.

It can also be quickly post edited to the standard of professional human translation using Translution Localization Manager.

Translution Business automatically uses your human translations whenever a match is detected between the source sentence or phrase and your database of previous translations.

Translution Localization Manager also enables you to update your corporate terminology and dictionary.

Automated email translation

Translution is the only company in the world who offer a translation software product fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

You simply write your email as per normal, attach any documents, and press "Send". Translution's translation software automatically translates the email (and attachments if required) into the language of the recipient(s). It also translates received emails when they arrive in other languages.

It works by checking the languages of contacts from your address books prior to sending an email. If translation is required, the email is automatically routed to our servers for translation and then on to the recipients.

Collaboration without language barriers

With Translution Business, you will be able to accurately read email threads/history regardless of the language of the author and no matter how many times it is forwarded or replied to across language barriers.

Using patented technology, Translution Business is the only business machine translation software product that ensures translation accuracy by always translating email threads from the original source language rather than from the translation.

Meaningful deep day to day collaboration between people across different languages in your organization is for the first time a reality.


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Single click translation of documents, pdf's and web pages too!

Translution Business translates email attachments, Word documents, text, pdf documents, and web pages too with a single click. It can even translate a whole folder of documents simultaneously.

Works with or without Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word

You get the best out of Translution Business if you use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. But if you don't use this software, you can still use Translution Business to translate sent emails, attachments, word docs, pdf's and web page — with enhanced machine translation quality — from our incredibly easy to use Translution Control Centre interface.

Editions to suit every organization

Our translation software is licensed either on a single or multiple user license basis. Alternatively you can purchase an unlimited user license for one simple fixed monthly cost). Each license comes with a generous monthly allowance for words translated. Additional charges will apply if these monthly allowances are exceeded. For full details:

Click here to download the Translution Price List in US Dollars
Click here to download the Translution Price List in GB Pounds

Scalable, secure and enterprise ready

Translution Business is simple to install and scales from a single user to literally thousands of users meaning it is translation software suitable for all sizes of business.


Translution Business supports 14 languages.

For a full list of supported languages and language pairs click here.

Free Trial

We offer a free 30 day trial, Contact us for further details.


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