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The Translution Top 10 Dictionary Resources

In this section you will find a "Top 10" list of lexical resources that you can use to help you enhance machine translation quality by finding translations.


Cool by name, cool by nature! It will take some doing to knock this site off the number one position. A veritable Aladdin's cave of lexical resources, look out for UNTERM, a multilingual terminology database that provides United Nations nomenclature and special terms in all six official UN languages!

The Logos Living Dictionary

This is the "grand daddy" of them all. The first free online dictionary to hit the Web, it now contains over eight million words translated into 232 different languages. The site is a linguistic Disneyland and offers much more than its gargantuan dictionary.


Iate is a multilingual term bank that was created by the European Commission in 1973. Always a good source for the translation of "difficult" words.

Your Dictionary

An overwhelmingly long list of multilingual online dictonaries.

I Love Languages

There are literally hundreds of dictionaries available here.

An Italian site that includes a number of useful dictionaries.


The official version of a the W3C document is the US English language version at the W3C site. However, they have made available translations of these documents into many languages. A perfect resource for in-context extraction of terminology.

German to English online dictionary.

Very good coverage and will also return results when searching English words.

Sun Gloss

We all know about Microsoft's glossaries, but for you techies out there, a welcome addition by SUN Microsystems, the Sun Glossary Tool 2.0 is freely available on registration.

Dictionary Online

And finally, a Dutch offering with 12 languages, some of which are quite exotic.