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Translution Web: Website Translation Software

  • Market your website globally
  • The Only "packaged" website translation solution whcih makes international search engine optimization possible.
  • Automate the creation and management of multi lingual websites.
  • Reduce translation costs through using human translation or next generation machine translation or a mixture of both.
  • Cut implementation costs and development times.
  • Four versions, two language packs to suit all budgets and types of websites.
  • Wipe out change management costs using the built-in translation management system.
  • Works with any type or website and website technology including blogs, social websites and portals.

Who is it for?

Translution Web has been designed for any size of organisation who wishes to create websites with multiple languages. It completely automates the creation and management of multi-lingual websites, wiping out development effort and speeding up access to new markets.

With a program of international search engine optimization, it will dramatically increase the international traffic your website receives.

In summary, Translution Web can speed up access to overseas markets and accelerate growth in international trade.

Automatic Language Navigation

Using Translution Web, your visitors will be able to view your website in their own language based on their browser language setting. In other words a French visitor will see your website in French; a German visitor will see it in German and so on.

All the internal links on your website are also instantly and automatically updated ensuring that the correct page in the appropriate language is served every time.They can also switch languages at any time by simply choosing a different flag or link on your web pages.

Reduce Translation Costs

Translution Web can use either human translation or next generation machine translation and even translate your database content. You can also mix human and machine translation together. Perfect where you have a large amount of content, for blogs or for visitor provided content, where human translation is simply too expensive.

Use Translution Review Manager – integrated with Translution Web - to refine your translations

Next generation translation is not perfect. However it is much closer to human translation than “gist” Translation. It can then be rapidly post edited.

Using Translution Review Manager (in beta) any bi-lingual person can check and update the translations online much faster than translating from scratch. This can dramatically reduce your translation costs.

And because Translution Review Manager is online it can be used by anyone with bi-lingual skills - people in your organization, partners or freelance translators.

Four Versions, 2 Language Packs to suit any budget

Translution Web 2.0 has been designed for static and semi static site and is delivered as a full turnkey solution. It comes in 2 versions - Translution Web 2.0 Lite and Translution Web 2.0 Standard.

Translution Web 2.0 enables you to start small (from as little as a few pages) to suit a limited budget and gradually add pages and languages as your international trade grows.

Translution Web Dynamic also comes in 2 versions - Translution Web Dynamic Lite and Translution Web Dynamic Standard

It has been designed for dynamic websites and provides full integration with your database as well as managing your multi-lingual web pages. Translution Web Dynamic is normally implemented in collaboration with your web development team.

All versions of Translution Web are delivered either as a European version or as a Global version.

Translution Web can be implemented with any website technologies, architectures and relational database.

For a list of supported languages click here

Works for blogs, social websites and portals as well

Translution Web together with Translution API works equally well for blogs, social websites and portals. Contact us to also discuss how we can extend the reach of your website though integrating multi-lingual email and instant messaging as well

Dramatically reduce development costs and speed up implementation

Translution Web is fully configurable and cuts out most of the development effort required to create multi-lingual web pages, dramatically reducing implementation cost and speeding up implementation.

Using our built-in translation management system it also wipes out most change management development and project costs.

Adding a new language is as easy as ABC

Adding a new language and opening a new overseas market is as simple as making a change in the configuration file. Translution Web then automatically requests the translations - either "next generation" machine translation quality or publishing quality translation or both - depending on how you have configured it.

International Search Engine Optimization is now a reality

Unlike other website translation software, translated pages sit on your own web server. And because it includes automatic language navigation, web crawlers index your pages in correct language.This ensures that your website is seen by search engine as "local" dramatically improving your ranking.

All in all Translution Web has been designed to be overseas search engine "friendly" ensuring you maximize the overseas visitors to your web site.

Manage changes to your website effortlessly

Because Translution Web includes its own translation management system, it tracks any changes to your database or source language pages and then automatically sets up a human translation job or requests "next generation" machine translation from Translution. As we have already said, once set up, it wipes out most change management costs

Translate images, downloads and javascript as well

Translution Web can be configured to automatically track any changes to images, multi-media files, download documents and javascript.

No Compromise on performance

Because Translution Web creates a mirror of your web pages on your own web server and serves multi-lingual data direct from your own database, there is no compromise on performance. Translution Web will be as as fast at serving multi lingual web pages as your current website.

Contact us

Every website is different and we need to be sure that we advise you properly as to which version of Translution Web will work best for you. Please, therefore, contact us to discuss your requirements and we will then be able to quickly provide you with a detailed quote.